Denis Savard’s Interview on Patrick Kane

“Watching Patrick Kane in action is one of the biggest thrills you can have watching hockey. There are plays he makes, even playing the game as long as I did and watching as many games as I have, that make me say, “How did he do that one?” He’s just fun to watch, simple as that. I absolutely enjoy going to games and watching him play; 20,000 fans at the United Center would agree with me.

People often say that Patrick and I play the game the same way, and that’s true, but in some ways I think playing today is a little harder. It’s not that in our day we weren’t good players, but today the guys on the ice are so much faster, stronger and bigger. Patrick is the same size I was in my playing days, but he still makes it look easy at times, even with a stiffer level of competition.”

Denis Savard

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