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Coaching Webinar & Interview Denis Savard

Denis Savard sat down with Ice Hockey Systems for a coaching webinar this past week. In the webinar, Denis showed off the new Chicago Blackhawks 2015 Stanley Cup ring, his office in Chicago and discussed coaching techniques with viewers.

Additionally, Chris Howard (President of IHS) and Nils Satterstrom (Founder of IHS) joined the webinar to discuss new features on Ice Hockey Systems. They give a brief overview of new coaching resources along with discussing Ice Hockey System’s new program called Blueprint, which is a platform for youth hockey organizations.

Watch the webinar below:

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Ice Hockey Systems is the premier online resource for hockey coaches of all levels. The online platform gives coaches access to over 450 drills, systems and coaching videos from Denis Savard.

Blueprint, a platform for youth hockey organizations
Coaching videos from Denis Savard
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After the webinar, Denis spent time reflecting on his playing and coaching career.

The questions Denis addressed in the interview are listed below:

1. (0:25) What’s your earliest memory playing hockey?
2. (1:22) Why do you think hockey is the greatest game in the world?
3. (2:36) What’s your first memory in the NHL, being drafted by the Blackhawks?
4. (4:00) What’s your most memorable goal in your NHL career?
5. (4:40) How’d you pull off the spin-o-rama and what was the process behind it?
6. (6:17) What makes a good teammate?
7. (7:59) What was the feeling of hoisting the Stanley Cup in 1993?
8. (10:52) What advice can you give to young players trying to make their way?
9. (11:42) What was your favorite thing about coaching hockey?
10. (13:03) How did you keep your players accountable and what advice can you give other coaches?
11. (17:13) How would you get your players prepared for a big game?
12. (19:06) What advice do you have for young hockey coaches?
13. (20:49) What made you become a partner at ice hockey systems?

The Savard Sessions: Hockey Drill Video Series

Denis Savard is proud to announce his partnership with with whom together they have launched the leading online education platform used by hockey coaches worldwide. Denis and Ice Hockey Systems have developed an online portal that offers over 400 animated drills and systems, coaching videos, and advice blogs for coaches of all levels. All drills are offered as both animations and in PDF-format for ease in printing in advance of practices and games. The animations allow for an easy visualization of each drill and can be viewed on mobile devices and tablets, allowing coaches and staff to utilize their devices on the ice for practices or behind the bench for games.

Denis has contributed a great deal to the site though a series of coaching videos called Savard Sessions, which launched this week. Savard Sessions include over 40 segments filmed by Denis where he shares his favorite drills, systems and coaching philosophies that he used in his career as a player and coach in the NHL. Denis is excited to share his knowledge of the game with the members of Ice Hockey Systems “Becoming a partner in Ice Hockey Systems has given me the opportunity to continue sharing my life’s passion – coaching hockey. I truly look forward to sharing my experience and knowledge of the game with IHS subscribers from around the world, providing an experience to them that I wish was available when I was in the game.”

Ice Hockey System is the go-to resource for more than 2,000 hockey coaches world-wide, and over 1 million page views in the past year. Subscribers pay a recurring monthly, semi-annual or annual membership fee to have access to all of the drills and functionality. As a result, coaches are able to customize and build their own practices and game plans, and easily share them with players.

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Savard Travels To Quebec With Chicago Mission

Denis Savard recently visited Quebec to help coach the Chicago Mission Youth Hockey team in the prestigious Quebec Pee Wee Hockey Tournament. View the tournament standings: Click here.

A snapshot of Denis with the team:

Action shots from the tournament:

Learn more about the Chicago Mission Hockey Organization.

Power Play Tips: Denis Savard Video Flashback

Enjoy this vintage video of Hockey Hall of Famer, Denis Savard, giving some coaching advice and power play tips with Steve Shutt. The video was created while Denis was playing for the Montreal Canadiens.